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« Wherever information reproduces, there is evolution. »

— Nowak 2006

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As a graduate student in evolutionary ecology, with a special interest in ornithology, I navigate the long and winding road of knowledge. This hub is a collection of the treasures and marvels of research tools that I find sharable with others. I think that the journey of becoming a scientist is rarely discussed and hope that this hub can answer some questions or guide young scientists to become a full fledge thinker. You can learn more about me here. Feel free to contact me

I’m on LinkedIn, GitHub, ResearchGateTwitter, Stack Exchange, Instagram (for wildlife photos and more), and other social medias…

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glimpse(Interests) :

  • Science
    • Evolutionary ecology
    • Ornithology
    • Population genetics & genomics
    • Mathematics
    • Programming (R, Bash)
  • Pedagogy
    • Education
    • Scientific popularization
  • Art
    • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Your ideas